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Oskar Maciejek
Founder | Head of Data Architecture & Technology
Mar 19, 2021

Data preparation for Facebook Report

In this article we explain what are the technical steps that lead to report preparation described in the article “How to measure Facebook sales campaigns performance in Google Data Studio? How to measure Facebook sales campaigns in Google Data Studio

The first step is to collect data from the advertising system into your own database. We recommend choosing the BigQuery system which is a part of the Google Cloud environment. BigQuery is commonly used for fast and automated data processing. The data from Facebook can be collected in two ways. First option is to code the solution by using the IT team. It can be tricky and resource consuming, but don’t worry, you always can choose the second option which is to use a ready-to-go template in WitCloud. Find out how to configure it here Facebook Ads data collector.

After proper configuration and running module, data from your advertising system should now be visible on your BigQuery project. These data are located in various tables due to their complex structure (by division into: campaigns, ad sets or other dimensions like geolocation, gender or age). Each listed dimension is a separated dataset.


The report preparation based on the gathered data from Facebook advertising system would require to write an appropriate SQL query which can be time consuming, it also requires to have a strong knowledge in this field. Of course you can involve the whole IT team but in this case you also can choose the ready-to-go solution.

The WitCloud platform already has the SQL template inside and you can use it to create the Facebook Ads report. It means that you don’t need to waste your time (or your colleagues) anymore to write proper scripts. You can use the ready-to-go template which is prepared for you by the experienced analytics team.

After starting the module, a table will be created that you can quickly visualize in Data Studio using our prepared template.


How to use SQL code and the Data Studio template in practice?

Step 1
Thanks to Google Cloud Platform technology you can take your Facebook Ads reporting to the next level which can help you to better understand your current situation on your Facebook account. It will also allow you to make smarter and faster decisions to constantly improve ROI in this channel. As a first step you need to take is to create an account in Google Cloud Platform. First project on Google Cloud - video tutorial

Step 2
Use the ready-to-go SQL code, Data Studio template and WitCloud platform to use the cloud computing platform for your business (no matter what it is).

Tutorial - How to use the template for the ecommerce it will take you only 8 minutes!

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