Raw data from Google Analytics in BigQuery.

Import data to BigQuery in just a minute!

Get access to all Google Analytics data and perform any operations and SQL queries on it.

Data available in real time without sampling. An alternative to Google Analytics 360.

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Raw data from Google Analytics in BigQuery.
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How does it work?
Create a collector
Enter WitCloud, and configure data transfer
Add a code,
Use Tag Manager, and add a line of code
Perform operations
Analyze your raw data in BigQuery
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Our cooperation has enabled us to build an analytical culture and make data-driven decisions. This has been proven by increasing sales and reducing costs in marketing activities and simultaneous optimization of user experience in their full path. Based on long-term collaboration, implementation of Google Analytics 360 and media optimisation I can fully recommend WitBee as a business partner and knowledge provider.

Adam Skręt
Digital & Performance Director
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