# Data stream

# Introduction

This module allows universal collection of any data in real time exporting it directly to BigQuery.

# Where can the Data Stream be applied?

  • In event monitoring e.g. from store platforms or other CRM/ERP panels.
  • In Instant data analysis used in marketing planning.
  • When sending server-side events in real time.

# Configuration

# Start module creation.

From the menu on the left, select the Collect tab and then click on the Add new Collect button.

image alt text

From the list of available modules select Data Stream

image alt text

# Initial settings

In the first step of our form we fill in the name of our module.
Collect name-the name of our module. It will be visible under this name elsewhere in the platform.

image alt text

After clicking on the advanced options button, we have the option to select the range of data to be extracted.
We can select "full", "Masked", "Noone"

image alt text

Then click create button.

image alt text

Once properly configured, we get a generated URL that we can use to retrieve information of interest.

image alt text

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