# Google Analytics 360 (Universal)

This module is no longer supported

# Introduction

The Google Analytics 360 module in WitCloud exports and adapts data created by Google Analytics so that the WitCloud platform has access to them and can fully use them. It extends a data diagram about such fields like crmmetrics, crmdimensions, clicks, impressions, cost and more.

# Example of action

  1. Configure the module on the platform by giving access to the Google Analytics 360 table
  2. Set the module in the schedule - data will be copied entirely, additional new fields will be added to import business and media data
  3. After processing the table, you can use other report modules, data imports or attributes that are integrated with it.

# Data scheme

The target Google Analytics table is very extensive, contains several hundred metrics and dimensions. The fields that will be enriched in relation to the standard table exported by Google Analytics have been marked green.

Expand to get acquainted with the data schedule
Field name Type Mode
channelGrouping STRING NULLABLE
socialEngagementType STRING NULLABLE
totals. visits INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. pageviews INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. timeOnSite INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. timeOnSiteNoInteraction INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. bounces INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. transactions INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. transactionRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
totals. newVisits INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. screenviews INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. uniqueScreenviews INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. timeOnScreen INTEGER NULLABLE
totals. totalTransactionRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
totals. sessionQualityDim INTEGER NULLABLE
trafficSource. referralPath STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. source STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. medium STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. campaign STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. adContent STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. keyword STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. dclid STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. adId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. gclid STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. campaignCode STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. isTrueDirect BOOLEAN NULLABLE
trafficSource. adwordsClickInfo RECORD NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. campaignId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. adGroupId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. creativeId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. criteriaId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. page INTEGER NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. slot STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. criteriaParameters STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. gclid STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. customerId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. adNetworkType STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo. device STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. facebookClickInfo RECORD NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. accountId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. accountName STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. campaignId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. campaignName STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. adId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. adName STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. adsetId STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. adsetName STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. buyingType STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource.facebookClickInfo. objective STRING NULLABLE
trafficSource. adCost FLOAT NULLABLE
trafficSource. adCostAttributed FLOAT NULLABLE
trafficSource. clicks FLOAT NULLABLE
trafficSource. impressions FLOAT NULLABLE
device. browser STRING NULLABLE
device. browserVersion STRING NULLABLE
device. browserSize STRING NULLABLE
device. operatingSystem STRING NULLABLE
device. operatingSystemVersion STRING NULLABLE
device. isMobile BOOLEAN NULLABLE
device. mobileDeviceBranding STRING NULLABLE
device. mobileDeviceModel STRING NULLABLE
device. mobileInputSelector STRING NULLABLE
device. mobileDeviceInfo STRING NULLABLE
device. mobileDeviceMarketingName STRING NULLABLE
device. flashVersion STRING NULLABLE
device. javaEnabled BOOLEAN NULLABLE
device. language STRING NULLABLE
device. screenColors STRING NULLABLE
device. screenResolution STRING NULLABLE
device. userAgent STRING NULLABLE
device. encoding STRING NULLABLE
device. deviceCategory STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. continent STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. subContinent STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. country STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. countryCode STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. region STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. metro STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. city STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. cityId STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. postalcode STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. timezone STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. networkDomain STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. latitude STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. longitude STRING NULLABLE
geoNetwork. networkLocation STRING NULLABLE
customDimensions RECORD REPEATED
customDimensions. index INTEGER NULLABLE
customDimensions. value STRING NULLABLE
hits. hitNumber INTEGER NULLABLE
hits. timestamp INTEGER NULLABLE
hits. isInteraction BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits. isEntrance BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits. referer STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. fullUrl STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePath STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. hostname STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pageTitle STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. searchKeyword STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. searchCategory STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel1 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel2 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel3 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel4 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel5 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel6 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel7 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel8 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel9 STRING NULLABLE
hits.page. pagePathLevel10 STRING NULLABLE
hits. transaction RECORD NULLABLE
hits.transaction. transactionId STRING NULLABLE
hits.transaction. transactionRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.transaction. transactionTax FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.transaction. transactionShipping FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.transaction. affiliation STRING NULLABLE
hits.transaction. currencyCode STRING NULLABLE
hits.transaction. localTransactionRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.transaction. localTransactionTax FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.transaction. localTransactionShipping FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.transaction. transactionCoupon STRING NULLABLE
hits.item. transactionId STRING NULLABLE
hits.item. productName STRING NULLABLE
hits.item. productCategory STRING NULLABLE
hits.item. productSku STRING NULLABLE
hits.item. itemQuantity INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.item. itemRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.item. currencyCode STRING NULLABLE
hits.item. localItemRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
hits. contentInfo RECORD NULLABLE
hits.contentInfo. contentDescription STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. name STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. version STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. id STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. installerId STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. appInstallerId STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. appName STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. appVersion STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. appId STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. screenName STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. landingScreenName STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. exitScreenName STRING NULLABLE
hits.appInfo. screenDepth STRING NULLABLE
hits. exceptionInfo RECORD NULLABLE
hits.exceptionInfo. description STRING NULLABLE
hits.exceptionInfo. isFatal BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits.exceptionInfo. exceptions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.exceptionInfo. fatalExceptions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits. eventInfo RECORD NULLABLE
hits.eventInfo. eventCategory STRING NULLABLE
hits.eventInfo. eventAction STRING NULLABLE
hits.eventInfo. eventLabel STRING NULLABLE
hits.eventInfo. eventValue INTEGER NULLABLE
hits. product RECORD REPEATED
hits.product. productSKU STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. v2ProductName STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. v2ProductCategory STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. productVariant STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. productBrand STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. productRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. localProductRevenue FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. productPrice FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. localProductPrice FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. productQuantity INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.product. productRefundAmount FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. localProductRefundAmount FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. isImpression BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits.product. isClick BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits.product. customDimensions RECORD REPEATED
hits.product.customDimensions. index INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.product.customDimensions. value STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. customMetrics RECORD REPEATED
hits.product.customMetrics. index INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.product.customMetrics. value FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. productListName STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. productListPosition INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.product. productCouponCode STRING NULLABLE
hits.product. crmMetrics RECORD REPEATED
hits.product.crmMetrics. index STRING NULLABLE
hits.product.crmMetrics. value FLOAT NULLABLE
hits.product. crmDimensions RECORD REPEATED
hits.product.crmDimensions. index STRING NULLABLE
hits.product.crmDimensions. value STRING NULLABLE
hits. promotion RECORD REPEATED
hits.promotion. promoId STRING NULLABLE
hits.promotion. promoName STRING NULLABLE
hits.promotion. promoCreative STRING NULLABLE
hits.promotion. promoPosition STRING NULLABLE
hits. promotionActionInfo RECORD NULLABLE
hits.promotionActionInfo. promoIsView BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits.promotionActionInfo. promoIsClick BOOLEAN NULLABLE
hits. refund RECORD NULLABLE
hits.refund. refundAmount INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.refund. localRefundAmount INTEGER NULLABLE
hits. eCommerceAction RECORD NULLABLE
hits.eCommerceAction. action_type STRING NULLABLE
hits.eCommerceAction. step INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.eCommerceAction. option STRING NULLABLE
hits. publisher RECORD NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpRevenueCpm INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpRevenueCpc INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpRevenueCpm INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpRevenueCpc INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsenseBackfillDfpPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpRevenueCpm INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpRevenueCpc INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxBackfillDfpPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxRevenue INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adxPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsUnitsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsUnitsMatched INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. viewableAdsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. measurableAdsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsClicked INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. adsRevenue INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpAdGroup STRING NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpAdUnits STRING NULLABLE
hits.publisher. dfpNetworkId STRING NULLABLE
hits. customVariables RECORD REPEATED
hits.customVariables. index INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.customVariables. customVarName STRING NULLABLE
hits.customVariables. customVarValue STRING NULLABLE
hits. experiment RECORD REPEATED
hits.experiment. experimentId STRING NULLABLE
hits.experiment. experimentVariant STRING NULLABLE
hits. dataSource STRING NULLABLE
hits. publisher_infos RECORD REPEATED
hits.publisher_infos. dfpClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpRevenueCpm INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpRevenueCpc INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpRevenueCpm INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpRevenueCpc INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsenseBackfillDfpPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpRevenueCpm INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpRevenueCpc INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxBackfillDfpPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxClicks INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxMatchedQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxMeasurableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxQueries INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxRevenue INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxViewableImpressions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adxPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsUnitsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsUnitsMatched INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. viewableAdsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. measurableAdsViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsPagesViewed INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsClicked INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. adsRevenue INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpAdGroup STRING NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpAdUnits STRING NULLABLE
hits.publisher_infos. dfpNetworkId STRING NULLABLE
hits. customDimensions RECORD REPEATED
hits.customDimensions. index INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.customDimensions. value STRING NULLABLE
hits. customMetrics RECORD REPEATED
hits.customMetrics. index INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.customMetrics. value FLOAT NULLABLE
hits. social RECORD NULLABLE
hits.social. socialInteractionNetwork STRING NULLABLE
hits.social. socialInteractionAction STRING NULLABLE
hits.social. socialInteractions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.social. socialInteractionTarget STRING NULLABLE
hits.social. socialNetwork STRING NULLABLE
hits.social. uniqueSocialInteractions INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.social. hasSocialSourceReferral STRING NULLABLE
hits.social. socialInteractionNetworkAction STRING NULLABLE
hits. latencyTracking RECORD NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. pageLoadSample INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. pageLoadTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. pageDownloadTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. redirectionTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. speedMetricsSample INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. domainLookupTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. serverConnectionTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. serverResponseTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. domLatencyMetricsSample INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. domInteractiveTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. domContentLoadedTime INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. userTimingValue INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. userTimingSample INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. userTimingVariable STRING NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. userTimingCategory STRING NULLABLE
hits.latencyTracking. userTimingLabel STRING NULLABLE
hits. sourcePropertyInfo RECORD NULLABLE
hits.sourcePropertyInfo. sourcePropertyDisplayName STRING NULLABLE
hits.sourcePropertyInfo. sourcePropertyTrackingId STRING NULLABLE
hits.sourcePropertyInfo. sourceGtmId STRING NULLABLE
hits. contentGroup RECORD NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroup1 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroup2 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroup3 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroup4 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroup5 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. previousContentGroup1 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. previousContentGroup2 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. previousContentGroup3 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. previousContentGroup4 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. previousContentGroup5 STRING NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroupUniqueViews1 INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroupUniqueViews2 INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroupUniqueViews3 INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroupUniqueViews4 INTEGER NULLABLE
hits.contentGroup. contentGroupUniqueViews5 INTEGER NULLABLE
hits. crmMetrics RECORD REPEATED
hits.crmMetrics. index STRING NULLABLE
hits.crmMetrics. value FLOAT NULLABLE
hits. crmDimensions RECORD REPEATED
hits.crmDimensions. index STRING NULLABLE
hits.crmDimensions. value STRING NULLABLE
crmMetrics. index STRING NULLABLE
crmMetrics. value FLOAT NULLABLE
crmDimensions. index STRING NULLABLE
crmDimensions. value STRING NULLABLE
customGoals. index STRING NULLABLE
customGoals. value INTEGER NULLABLE
goals. index STRING NULLABLE

# Configuration

# Before you start

Access to the Google Analytics 360 table required

To use the module, you must grant access to the session table created by Google Analytics Premium in BigQuery and to the Google Analytics web property. Expand the sections below to find out how.

Copy Service Account from WitCloud

In the menu on the left, select "Settings" and then "Projects" (1). From the project list, select the correct and then expand details by clicking on the icon of the gear (2).

image alt text

In the Detail View, there is information about the SERVICE ACCOUNT address - Technical Email address of the project used to authorize WitCloud's user on Google.By clicking the icon, copy the address to the clipboard.

image alt text

Give access to the Google Analytics 360 table via Service Account

In order to share Google Analytics 360 data, enter BigQuery, search for the correct Dataset on the left menu and select in "Share Dataset".

image alt text

Then you should give the EMail address generated by WitCloud (Service Account): BigQuery Data Editor, BigQuery User

image alt text

# Start creating a module

From the menu on the left, select the Collect bookmark, then click Add New Data Collect.

image alt text

From the list of available modules, select Google Analytics 360.

image alt text

# Initial settings

In the first step, we have only one field to fill.

Collect Name - name of our module. It will be visible under this name in other places in the platform.

image alt text

# Authorization with Google Bigquery and Google Analytics

In the next step, we need to access the WitCloud application to BigQuery and our Google Analytics service. This is necessary for WitCloud to eradicate data and settings for Google Analytics.


Authorization from Google BigQuery is carried out by giving access for Service Account. This step was described in the Before you start. If you omitted this step necessarily, do it now !!

In the case of correct authorization in BigQuery, after pressing the "Refresh" button will be able to select Project, Dataset and Table, in which there are Google Analytics 360 data.

image alt text

Then, in a new window from the list, we choose email, which has access to Google Analytics, which we want to set in WitCloud. After selecting a window with accesses that we need to give. The selection should be confirmed by pressing the Allow button.

In the next step, we choose Google AnalyticS account which concern data from the previously selected BigQuery table. Ready! After pressing the Finish button, the module configuration will be created.

image alt text

# Setting the module in the schedule

Your module is now created in WitCloud 📊. The final step is to determine the time range for which you need to retrieve historical data. The schedule for retrieving current data will be created automatically.

Enter the appropriate range and click the Finish button.

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