# Lead Ads To Sendgrid / GetResponse

This module is no longer supported

# Introduction

This module allows you to automatically collect leads from the Facebook Ads platform from ads and send them immediately to external mailing systems. The module also allows you to create new groups of recipients from lead ads directly from the WitCloud panel.

# Configuration

# Before you start

Available integrations

At the moment, it is possible to integrate only for the systems Sendgrid and Getresponse

# Start creating the module

To activate the module's functions, log in to the WitCloud panel and go to the Collect tab in the menu on the left and click the Add new Data Collect.

image alt text

In the new expanded menu, depending on which mailing system we want to export the data to, we have 2 options to choose from: for Sendgrid and for Getresponse:

image alt text

# Initial settings

  1. In the newly created menu, enter the name

image alt text

  1. Setting the API Key

image alt text


For both systems, you need to copy the API key from the mailing systems interface. Here's how to do this for Getresponse and Sendgrid.

# API key for Getresponse

Click on Integrations & API

image alt text

We copy our API Key to the clipboard

image alt text

# API Key for Sendgrid

From the menu on the left go to the settings section

image alt text

Click API Keys

image alt text

# Authorization with Facebook and configuration of forms

Further part

  1. We authorize using Facebook or choose an account and choose the Fanpage that interests us.

image alt text

  1. In the Direct Leads field, select the form that was created on the platform and select the list to which the leads from the forms should be directed. You can also create a list directly from WitCloud.

  2. Click Create and it's ready! Now everything is doing itself. Each time someone completes the form, the application will receive information and send this data to the mailing system.

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