# Google Analytics Custom Goals

This module is no longer supported

Quick Set
  • CREATE: Session tables by executing a Collect process in Workflow.
  • CHOOSE: "Process" ➡️ "Add new process" ➡️ "Custom Goals"
  • DEFINE: Conditions for achieving a given goal or several goals.
  • INCLUDE Configured module in the Workflow schedule and start them.
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# Introduction

The WitCloud tool allows you to create custom goals that can contain many more elements than the standard goals in Google Analytics.

# An example of operation

We can create a goal that meets the following conditions during the session:

  • users who came from a Google source
  • were in Warsaw
  • the session lasted over 10 minutes
  • made a purchase
  • the purchased products belong to the shoes category
  • this event took place at 12 or earlier

# Configuration

# Before you start

Prepare modules:

  • Collect

Have you already processed your sessions?

For the module to work, you must have pre-processed sessions in ** WitCloud **.

# Start creating the module

To create a custom target, select the "Process" tab from the menu on the left, then click the "Add new process" button.

image alt text

If you want to create a new goal, click the "Custom Goal" button

image alt text

# Initial settings

In the first step, we select a previously configured table for which we will conduct the analysis of goals.

# Defining the goal

In the second step, we name the goal and move on to defining the conditions.

When creating a goal, we have almost all metrics and dimensions processed by Google Analytics.

In the (1) field, select a decent dimension from the list, and after clicking the " Add Rule" button, it is added to the active rule conditions section and its value can be configured with regard to logical functions selected from the list. You can also nest groups of rules by defining a group after clicking the "Add Group" button.

image alt text

image alt text

After setting up your goal, you can test by clicking the "Test Goal" button. WitCloud will then check if there have been any events meeting the given criteria during the last week.

To save the goal configuration, click the "Create goal" button.

# Setting the module in the schedule

Remember about the schedule !!

Please note that the configured data import process must ** be included in the Workflow configuration ** for it to be recalculated.

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