# Google Analytics - Goals

This module is no longer supported

Quick Set
  • CHOOSE: "Process" ➡️ "Add new process" ➡️ "Google Analytics Goals"
  • CHOOSE: Goals from individual Google Analytics views that you want to include
  • INCLUDE Configured module in the Workflow schedule and start them.
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# Introduction

# Application of the module

Defining goals is an essential part of any web analytics measurement plan. With properly configured goals, Google Analytics can provide important information such as the number of conversions and the conversion rate on your website or app. Without this information, it is virtually impossible to assess the effectiveness of your online business and marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, BigQuery's session tables do not have goals that were previously set up in the Google Analytics interface. It has been assumed that their calculation can be performed through SQL queries. This is obviously a good approach, but requires advanced SQL knowledge and time to be spent reviewing and recreating historical settings.

The mission of the WitCloud platform is to automate this type of process, therefore we have created a module that will recreate your Google Analytics goals in the BigQuery session table.

Goals will appear in your table as additional columns that can be used in data analyzes and reports.

# An example of operation

  1. You have spent time defining goals in Google Analytics
  2. You import defined goals in a flash
  3. You attach a column with goals to your WitCloud reports
  4. You analyze the achievement of goals in the broader context of the collected data
  5. You define additional goals using the Custom Goals module, taking into account, for example, additional data from crm and costs

# Configuration

# Before you start


  • module Collect Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360
  • define goals in Google Analytics.

Maybe use Custom Goals

If you do not have goals defined in Google Analytics yet, try the Custom Goals module

# Start creating the module

Select the Process tab from the menu on the left, then click the Add new process button.

image alt text

Select Google Analytics Goals from the list of available modules

image alt text

# Initial settings

In the first step, there are 2 settings to choose from.

Name - the name of our process, e.g. "Google Analytics Goals"

Based on - Google Analytics table on which goals will be calculated.

image alt text

# Choosing goals

The next step is to select the Google Analytics goals that we would like to systematically calculate.

Google Analytics View and Goals

Goals can be configured in different views, often having the same settings. In our module, you can configure up to 200 targets from different views. Nevertheless, we suggest that you do not duplicate goals and select only those that are considered the most important and necessary for analyzing the data - this will keep the data in order.

This module automatically downloaded all the available goals set up in your Google Analytics views and generated a pick list for you. Choose goals that you consider relevant.

image alt text

# Setting the module in the schedule

Remember about the schedule !!

Please note that the configured data import process must be included in the Workflow configuration for it to be recalculated.

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