# Ads Campaign Mapping

This module is no longer supported

Quick Set
  • SELECT: "Process" ➡️ "Add new process" ➡️ "Ads Campaign Mapping"
  • CHOOSE: A pre-configured Ads
  • CHOOSE: The target tables based on the collect

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# Introduction

Join Ads enriches our analytical data with data from external advertising systems. The data schema includes fields such as cost, impressions, and clicks. In the case of connection with Facebook and Google Ads, additional information is obtained about the name of the campaign, ad groups, advertisements and the like.

# An example of operation

  1. You run campaigns in Facebook Ads
  2. You import cost data and campaign details to WitCloud
  3. You see the results of conducted campaigns in a broader context of collected data

# Configuration

# Before you start


  • module Collect WitCloud Stream or Google Analytics 360
  • at least one ads module - Google Ads, Facebook

# Start creating the module

Select the Process tab from the menu on the left, then click the Add new Data Collect button.

image alt text

Select Ads Campaing Mapping from the list of available modules

image alt text

# Initial settings

After pressing the module in the window, a simple form with 3 fields should appear.

Name - Enter the name of our process here, it will be visible under this name in other places on the WitCloud platform

Analytics Collect - From the list, select the previously configured WitCloud Stream or Google Analytics 360 data collection module

Ads Collect - From the list, select a previously configured advertising data collection module, e.g. Facebook

image alt text

Ready! After pressing the Finish button, the configuration of our process will be saved.

# Setting the module in the schedule

Remember about the schedule !!

Please note that the configured data import process must be included in the Workflow configuration for it to be recalculated.

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