# Introduction

The WitCloud platform allows you to discover conclusions that traditional analytical platforms do not show.

Almost 30 million websites belonging to large and small businesses use Google Analytics to analyze traffic sources and user behavior on the website.

A big challenge for many companies is to combine Google Analytics data with business or marketing cost information that is necessary to make the right decisions.

The WitCloud platform solves this problem based on 4 pillars:

Data integration

Using the Google Cloud environment - we provide a platform that allows you to easily and automatically integrate raw Google Analytics data with any business data, eg CRM, ERP or media costs.

Data transformation and advanced calculations

After collecting the data in one place (Google BigQuery), the WitCloud platform enables easy data transformation and performing advanced calculations without using programming code. Thanks to this, the tasks, i.e. attribution of marketing and business data, preparation of advanced reports and analyzes, become much simpler and faster - we shorten this path to a minimum.

Data prediction

WitCloud will help your company use BigQuery ML solutions and AI modules on Google Cloud Platform for prediction and forecasting in marketing analyzes. Thanks to this, business can make decisions efficiently and be a step ahead of others, knowing what will happen.

The use of business data in advertising systems

When the data is integrated and verified, ready-made WitCloud modules allow you to systematically supply advertising systems with business data. Thanks to this, automatic mechanisms such as Google Ads can work on business data and optimize advertising activities for the final sale or profit.

Market leaders, including Orange, Empik, Born2be, Chicco use the WitCloud platform and enjoy the conclusions from the data that drive their business and support teams in marketing and analytical activities.

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Last updated: 2/3/2021, 10:28:38 AM