# Introduction

# What is the WitCloud Platform?

WitCloud is an analytics platform developed by our Witbee team to collect, process and analyze all important marketing and business data in one place. By integrating BigQuery and Google Data Studio, we deliver automated reports that enable you to make business decisions based on filtered and visualized reports from multiple sources.

Market leaders, including Orange, Empik, Born2be, Chicco use the WitCloud platform and enjoy the conclusions from the data that drive their business and support teams in marketing and analytical activities.

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# What problems does WitCloud solve?

  • Discrepancies between the data available on advertising and analysis platforms and the actual business data.
  • Inefficient use of advertising budget and staff time
  • The need to engage a team of specialists who are familiar with cloud technologies, databases, analytics and statistics.

# What benefits does it offer customers?

  • Automated collection of data from multiple sources and systems in one place like Google BigQuery.
  • Automatic reporting based on all collected data.
  • Use of collected, combined and processed data for marketing activities.
  • A ready-made platform and its own functioning marketing data warehouse without the need to write code, master cloud technologies or SQL.
  • It saves time and money.

# What’s our advantage?

  • WitCloud is 100% based on the Google Cloud Platform environment and offers stability, scalability, security and integration capability based on the latest solutions on the market.
  • All features are developed and constantly improved by us, based on the needs of e-commerce leaders
  • We work as a team of specialists who bring ready-made and proven solutions to the business.
  • Flexible billing model for business size
  • We focus on customer development by providing the team with knowledge and a learning platform
  • We have our own visualizations and demos of reports.

# Who is WitCloud for?

  • For anyone who starts to apply on the Internet – spends money on advertising.
  • To e-commerce companies that need to grow their business on reliable data
  • To companies that purchase so-called leads on the Internet

# What business model do we have?

  • Our business model is based on a monthly subscription.
  • The user pays a certain amount each month to use the WitCloud platform.

# Witcloud is based on 3 pillars:

data integration

Using Google Cloud environment - we provide a platform that allows to easily and automatically integrate Google Analytics raw data with any business data e.g. CRM, ERP or media costs.

Data Transformation and Advanced Computing

Once the data is collected in one place(Google BigQuery), the WitCloud platform allows you to easily transform data and perform advanced calculations without using programming code. Thanks to this, tasks such as marketing and business data attribution, preparing advanced reports and analyses becomes much easier and faster - we shorten this path to a minimum.

Using business data in advertising systems

When the data is integrated and validated, WitCloud's turnkey modules allow you to systematically feed your advertising systems with business data. Thanks to this, automatic mechanisms, e.g. Google Ads, can work on business data and optimize advertising activities for final sales or profit.

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