# How to start?

# Step 1 - having a Google Cloud Platform project

The WitCloud platform integrates with your Google Cloud Platform project. The results of the transformations and calculations run by WitCloud are saved in BigQuery datasets in your Google Cloud project that you own. Thanks to this, you decide for yourself what you will use this data for and who you will share it with. Therefore, in order to use the platform, you must have a project in Google Cloud Platform.

If you do not have a project on the Google Cloud platform yet, don't worry - setting up such a project takes a few minutes!

# Account connected to Google services

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To create a project on Google Cloud Platform, you need an account associated with Google services.

If you do not have a Google account, you can create one in 2 ways:

  • Linking your email address to Google services

  • Create a new Google account

You can create them for free at this address https://accounts.google.com/SignUp (opens new window)

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# Registration on Google Cloud Platform

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Visit the Google Cloud website https://cloud.google.com/ (opens new window) and hit the free registration button

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You must complete the registration form with information about the company and payment - each new user gets 300 $ to start using for 90 days of using the Google Cloud Platform.

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# Creating a project in Google Cloud Platform

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After creating an account on Google Cloud Platform, create a project in the Google Cloud Platform console https://console.cloud.google.com (opens new window), in the upper left corner we expand the list projects

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Then in the window that appears, press the button for creating a new project

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In the next step, we configure the project. It is enough to fill in the field with the name of the project, if the email that creates the project is in some G-suite organization, the project will also be available under this organization for the entire group. As a name we suggest "WitCloud - NAME_COMPANY_OR_PARTY", but of course you can choose any other name. After completing the form, press the project creation button.

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# Step 2 - creating an account and creating a project in the WitCloud Platform

Registering in WitCloud is very simple.

You can do it here: link to registration on the platform (opens new window)

It is recommended to create an account on the platform by 1 person, and then send invitations to the project to other people from the organization.

# Creation of WitCloud project after registration

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After successful registration, verification of your e-mail address and the first login to the WitCloud panel, you can see the following view:

image alt text

In the first step, enter the name of the project**(1).In thefield (2), select the preferred location where the data of the WitCloud project being created will be stored. Currently, there are two locations to choose from:EU(European Union) andUS**(United States).

Note: Location is a very important aspect of configuring a WitCloud project. When creating a project, the WitCloud platform will automatically create a BigQuery dataset and a Storage bucket in the selected location. This fact should be taken into account in the further use of data provided by WitCloud.

Currently, it is not possible to change the location of WitCloud project data after configuration. So let's choose the right one.

After making your selection, press the**Next (3)**button.

The access configuration view will appear:

image alt text

In field (1) there is a Dedicated Service Account - an email address generated to handle a given WitCloud project. It should be used as the address of the user to whom we grant appropriate permissions on Google Cloud Platform.

You can find the instructions for granting access here: link.

# Authorization of the WitCloud project with your project on Google Cloud Platform

To do this, you need to log into the Google Cloud platform https://console.cloud.google.com/ (opens new window).

If a project dedicated to WitCloud on GCP has not been created yet, [here you can read how to create it](# step-1-having-a-google-cloud-platform-project).

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In the Google Cloud Platform panel, in the upper left corner, select the project that we want to authorize with the WitCloud platform.

Then, from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, select IAM & Admin (Administration) and then IAM

image alt text

Then press the Add access button

image alt text

As a user, we enter the account generated by the WitCloud application.

The process of obtaining a dedicated service account address was described in the previous step [step](# creating-a-project-witcloud-after-registration)

We complete 3 roles in the access fields:

BigQuery User

BigQuery Data Editor

Storage Admin

In the Polish interface, the above roles are calledBigQuery Data Editors,BigQuery UserandStorage Administrator

Searching for roles can be facilitated by using the search engine.

image alt text

Hit the save button and you're done!

We're back to WitCloud. After adding project permissions on Google Cloud Platform, and clicking the**(2)refresh button, the projects to which we have access will appear in the(3)**window.

image alt text

The access update process may take a while, so if there are no projects appearing in the window (3), wait and click the (2) Refresh button again. The upgrade process should take less than a minute.

After filling in all the necessary fields, click theSubmitbutton.

The information about setting up the project appears - congratulations!

image alt text

If the creation of a new project was successful, you can see it in thelist (10):

image alt text

From the**list (10)**you can also select another WitCloud project, if one has been created so far.

If necessary, another project can be created from the WitCloud panel:

image alt text

In the menu on the left, go to the**Settings (1)tab, then go to theProjects (2)tab, the view of which includes theAdd new Project (3)button. After clicking the(3)**button, the configuration view of a new WitCloud project will open.

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