# Getting to know WitCloud

# Below we describe the structure and functionality of our platform!

One after the other!

After logging in for the first time, we need to fill in the required fields to create a project:
Billing account - click button to complete payment details
Naming the project- this is where we enter the name of our project.
Set Location - It is a good idea to select the correct location as it is currently not possible to change it during the project.

After creating the project, we see the start page, which is as follows!

image alt text

Description of available features:

  1. Open Dataset - after clicking on the image alt text takes you to BigQuery, there is a collection of all the data contained in various tables.

Next, when you click on the icon located on the left, the list of tables that this dataset contains expands. Clicking on table name displays detailed information about the collected data.

  1. Open Bucket - when you click image alt text we are taken to Google cloud storage.
  2. Open Sidebar- when you clickimage alt text we develop an abbreviation for the documentation that we can use comfortably without having to visit the witbee.com website.
  3. Open Docs Page- when you clickimage alt text in we will be migrating to the full version of the documentation on the website witbee.com.

# Action path:

# Create collects

There are two ways to add Collects:

  • When you click on the buttonimage alt text on the homepage we are directed to a section where we can create an integration for data acquisition.
  • The second way is to choose from the menu on the left side of the tab collectimage alt textimage alt text

image alt text

# Create processes

We can do this in two ways:

  • On the homepage we choose image alt text in the Process area – you will be taken to the page where the modules responsible for data processing are located.
  • From the menu on the left select Process image alt textimage alt text

image alt text

# Create reports

As in the previous functions, we can create the report in two ways:

  • To create a report, click the button on the Home page under Reports image alt text. We will be redirected to a section where we can select a report that interests us.
  • Select the Smart Data tab from the menu on the leftimage alt text → Reports → image alt text

image alt text

# Additional options

  • In the section Settingsimage alt text, we can add access for other users on the “Manage Access” tab to view or edit our project
  • On the main page in the section image alt text we have the option to monitor the amount of data used for project execution over a certain period of time.
  • In the section Settingsimage alt text on the “External Services” tab you will find all the visits we received by e-mail. We can configure, edit and delete them. By clicking on the button image alt text in the upper left corner we create a new access.
  • In the section Smart Dataimage alt text by selecting Query Jobs, here we can create queries in standard SQL language for databases in BigQuery.
  • We can visualize the data from the report we created using Google Data Studio.

To do this, select the Smart Data section from the menu on the leftimage alt text → Data Studio image alt text

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