# How do I set up payments?

# Log in to your account.

After you have logged in to the Platform, go to the Invoice Accounts page. If you haven’t set up a payment yet, you can do so by clicking on the Add Billing Info button in the top bar or using the page menu by going to the Billing section.

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# Fill out your company and map information.

You can do this in the following ways:

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Fill in the form with information about your company and press the button Next

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Then fill in the form with your credit card details and press the button Update

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A window will appear in which you inform us of your first subscription fee.

Subscription is calculated based on the number of days remaining until the end of the month.

To complete the payment configuration, click on Yes.

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If the payment configuration was successful, your view should look like this:

image alt text

# Where are the invoices?

In the Billing details area, you can view and download invoices for current and previous billing periods by clicking the All Invoices button.

# Description the billing tab

In the Payments main view, you can see a preview of your subscription, where you can see the most important information and planned payments for the future period. By clicking on the Update Details button on the right hand side of the billing details section, you can edit your company details and payment method.

# Cancel subscription

You have the option to terminate your subscription at any time.
To do this, you must select Cancel Subscription located on the billing tab in the subscription plan section

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