# Data Studio - Onboarding Report

# Introduction

Data studio allows you to visualize reports based on tabular data. To access the tool page, click the link below: https://datastudio.google.com/ (opens new window)

A date studio consists of two basic elements:

  • reports - which are a graphical representation of the data
  • data sources - tables containing data.

# Copying the report

At the following address you will find our basic report. LINK (opens new window)

Select the "Copy " icon from the top bar. image alt text

A new data source selection window will then appear. The check box must be expanded. image alt text

Then select the field "Create New Data Source ".

image alt text

We choose "BigQuery " as our data source. image alt text

You should authorize Data Studio access to BigQuery projects. image alt text

Then choose the name of the project, the datasheet and the table where our data are located.

If the project name is not visible, enter it manually in the "Shared project name" field.

Shared project name

For WitCloud onboarding, enter wb-app-witcloud-sandbox. Also check the box "Partitioned Table".

image alt text

Path to set

Select the following fields:

  1. Shard project.
  2. Billing Project: project name on Google Cloud Platform* 1 Shared project name: _wb-app-witcloud-sandbox*
  3. date set: _witcloud_..............
  4. table: report_onboarding_xxxxxxx_xxxxx

When you click "Connect ", the content of the selected datasheet is displayed.

To use the source in the report, click "Add to report ".

image alt text

Here you can see the data source from which the information contained in a given element of the report is drawn.

image alt text

Done! Now the data from your WitCloud Onboarding report is presented! But it is not over. Now we can add 3 data fields at Data Studio level, which will significantly improve the quality of presented information!

# Customizing the report

With the input we can easily add three calculation fields relevant for determining the effectiveness of marketing and business activities:

  • CTR - click-through rate
  • CPS - cost per room
  • ERS - effective revenue share

# Adding calculation fields

In the bottom right corner, click "Add a field "

image alt text

Then give the name, enter the following formula and click "Save " and "All Field ".

image alt text

We find the created field in the list and change the value "Type " to "Percentage" image alt text image alt text

Click the "Finished " button.

Then, on the report, we copy one field with values, and change its metric by dragging the newly created field

image alt text

We can also add CTR to the table. To do this, first click the table and then drag the name field to the area "Add metric ".

image alt text

Done! Now we need to repeat these steps to create new fields. The patterns that you have to suffer look like this (you can copy and paste them):

  1. CPS SUM(cost)/SUM(transactions)
  2. ERS SUM(cost) / SUM(revenue)


Do not forget to change the type of fields created - CPS should be expressed in currency and ERS in percentage.

# Adding visuals in WitCloud

To add report visuals in Data Studio to reports in WitCloud, first select "Report " and then "Data Studio ".

image alt text

In the new window, choose "Add a Report "

image alt text

In the next step, we give a name under which the report will be visible in WitCloud and paste the report URL into Data Studio

image alt text


Now, to view the report, click on the key icon.

image alt text

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