# Workflow Report

# Workflow report

Workflow manages all configured processes in WitCloud. For this reason, it is important to control the implementation status of individual Workflows, as they control the delivery and ongoing data processing. For this purpose, a status panel has been prepared in the WitCloud platform.

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Information on all configured workflows is displayed here.

The STATE field shows the status of a given Active / Paused process.

The SCHEDULED field contains information about the start-up schedule.

In the field ACTION you can see the configuration details of each item (1), pause or resume its execution (2), redo regardless of the schedule (3), delete (4).

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After expanding the status, after clicking on the arrow sign (image alt text) we get information about the launch dates and the implementation status of individual Workflow steps. Theimage alt text icon informs you that the process is running correctly.

image alt text

It is recommended to check the Workflow statuses in order to catch any problems with the data. The process may stop working for reasons beyond WitCloud's control - for example, it may be caused by the lack of updating tables in GAP or CRM data at the time of the Workflow execution. In this case, you can try to start the process manually after some time to maintain data continuity. You can also later configure a one-time workflow to retrieve data from specific time periods.

Last updated: 2/3/2021, 10:28:38 AM