Implementation of marketing codes

Do you want to gain useful knowledge about user behaviour on the website?

Did you know that advertising that is not supported by adequate traffic analysis can only cause costs without increasing the number of orders or leads?

By inserting a marketing code on the website, you can precisely answer the above questions.

Thanks to the correctly implemented marketing codes, we know from which channel the visitor came to our shop. We will find out how much time you have spent on a particular subpage and whether there has been a conversion.

Once you know this data, you can determine exactly which areas need to be optimized to improve your conversion rate.

Content of the service

  • Needs analysis for the implementation of marketing codes
  • Checking the current data layer
  • Specification and audit report
  • Implementation of codes in Google Tag Manager
  • Configuration of the settings
The best solution

Step 1- Analysis of requirements and specification of the audit performed

1. Analysis of needs

We talk to you to understand your true goals and business and technology opportunities.
We determine which elements of the analysis of user behavior are most important to you, and on that basis we determine the extent of implementation and pricing.

2. Data layer audit

We check the status of the current data layer on your website.
This way, we verify that the current data layer has been implemented according to best practices and that it allows you to correctly measure what is most important for your business.

3.Specification and test report

If the data layer we check is implemented correctly, we can use it for code implementation. However, if necessary, we will create a specification to improve the implementation. During this time, we work closely with your IT team to implement the correct data layer as quickly as possible.

Step 2- Implementation and optimization of codes on the website

4.Implementation of tracking codes

Once we have implemented the data layer correctly, we will help you implement marketing codes in the Google Tag Manager. During the implementation, we consider the best practices provided by Google and test the solution after completion of the process.

5. Configuration of the settings

We will help you to configure the settings if you need help In the next step, we check the correct reading of the data – the tracking of user behavior.

What do you get?

✓ Data Layer Audit and Specification, after we have verified the quality of your current data layer, we provide a broad specification along with suggestions

✓ Implementation of marketing codes, we implement tracking codes on your website according to best practices

✓ Configuring the settings, we help you configure the settings to make sure all events in the system are visible

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