Audit and improving the product file

Feeda optimization is one of the most important factors for the quality of your product campaign.

If you want to improve your advertising impact and also reduce costs and be sure that you are promoting the best products, contact us! Thanks to automated scripts, we help you at every stage of ad creation.

We check the correctness of the current file for you. We will group your products and add the right labels so you know which products should be promoted first. We can also implement or convert a CSV file to the required XML format.

Content of the service

  • Analysis of sales data from GA4, Baselinker, Shoper or Magento.
  • Checking the current advertising feed
  • Specification and recommendation for improvement
  • We assign labels to our products with profitability scoring
  • We deliver a finished link to a new optimized feed product
The best solution

Fast action path

1. Analysis of needs

We talk to you to get to know your goals and expectations from our collaboration.
We find out which products are most important to you and why you want to market them the most.

2. Data layer audit

We perform a status check of the current product file used in the advertisement.
This way, we can check why guided advertising does not bring any measurable benefits or why previous prices are so high.

3. Recommendation for improvement

Based on the product feed audit performed by our specialists, we prepare a specification of the recommended changes in the file. Suggestions will be forwarded to your marketing team or implemented if you want support from us.

4. Grouping of products

Product categorization helps you identify groups in which your advertising budget is worthwhile.
We help you not to burn your advertising budget to market products that are out of stock, small in size or with low user interest

5. Optimized product file

After segmentation, the product file is subjected to a final review. We check the next elements and pass on the finished link to you.

What do you get?

✓ Audit and specification file, after we have checked the quality of your current data layer, we give you a broad specification along with suggestions

✓ Support in project execution, we want the review and implementation of corrections to be of the highest quality That’s why we support you with know-how at every stage

✓ Know-how and additional materials, we want your business to be independent, so we educate your IT support.

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