Budgeting Management

Business decisions such as setting a budget for advertising and marketing are crucial for every entrepreneur. Unfortunately, these decisions are often made hastily or on the basis of false data. As a result, they do not bring benefits, but systematically expose you to the old!

Manage your advertising budget consciously by working with real sales data. Simply download advertising cost information from multiple systems.

With the Witcloud platform, you can combine all your data from multiple tools in one place and leverage the potential of your analytics and advertising systems.

This shortens your decision-making time, avoids frequent misinvestments and creates solutions that help you reach your goal.

Content of the service

  • Analysis of financial management needs
  • Support with setting up WitCloud
  • Integration of data sources
  • Setting up predefined reports
The best solution

Fast action path

1. Identifying the needs

We talk to you to understand your true goals and business and technology opportunities.
We learn about your advertising and marketing activities and suggest the best optimization solutions.

2. Configuring the WitCloud tool

We’ll help you set up your own project on the Google Cloud Platform and explain how to connect it to WitCloud.

3. Integration of data sources

Based on your business information, we help you configure the integration of the data sources your company uses.

4. Report in Data Studio

We deliver a report in Google Data Studio with the key metrics needed to manage the company’s budget.

What do you get?

✓ When you access the WitCloud platform, you can compile cost data from multiple systems.

✓ Support in project execution, we want the review and implementation of corrections to be of the highest quality That’s why we support you with our know-how at every stage.

✓ Knowledge and additional material we want your business to be independent and we train you and your marketing department.

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