Google Tag Manager Server Side

Google Tag Manager is the most popular tool that allows you to place tracking codes on your website, including Google, Facebook (Meta), Criteo, TikTok, Affiliates and many more.

A server-side version of the tool was developed in 2020. This solution allows you to increase the performance and speed of loading the page (we execute far fewer marketing and analytics codes in the user’s browser), offers security and is less vulnerable to ad-block systems. This tool also enables advanced operations, i.e. enriching and linking data with CRM, e.g. product information before sending it to other systems, e.g. Google Analytics.

If you want to implement server-side code execution and use GTM Server Side for this, we will be happy to help you.

Content of the service

  • Analysis of needs
  • Reviewing the implementation of Google Analytics 4
  • Server startup on the Google Cloud Platform
  • Transfer Google Analytics 4 events to the GTM Server Side
  • Support with the migration of other marketing codes
  • Support in the implementation of customer-specific solutions
The best solution

What is Witbee’s role in this project?

1. Analysis of needs

We analyze your requirements for event measurement using the Google Tag Manager Server Side. In this step, we also learn a list of tools to which you want to send information about this solution.

2. Review of the GA4 implementation

The operation of the server version of Google Tag Manager is based on data sent to Google Analytics 4. Therefore, we first need to check whether the tool has been implemented correctly and whether we can upload the data to the server without any problems.

3. Starting the server on GCP

We will create and operate a server on the Google Cloud Platform that will host the Google Tag Manager container. We choose the most cost-effective solution here – the standard configuration is not always advantageous:)

4. Transfer GA 4 events to GTM Server Side

Once the server is properly set up and started, we will configure your Google Analytics 4 tags so that all events land on the server. On the server, we create an initial configuration that transmits all Google Analytics 4 data to the Google server as it was previously received via the user’s browser.

5. Marketing codes suport

Google Tag Manager Server Side is a place where we can implement many marketing vendor codes, including Facebook Conversion API, Google Ads Enhanced Conversions, Tik Tok, Affiliates and more. This is often associated with tasks where you need to write JavaScript snippets – our team can help you with that.

6. Dedicated Solutions

With the Google Tag Manager Server Side we can perform many additional actions, e.g. enriching the Google Analytics data with additional information from the database, avoiding duplicate transactions or sending data to e.g. marketing automation systems. Such solutions also require the programming support our team provides.

What do you get?

✓ Google Analytics 4 Verification according to Best Practices and Google Documentation

✓ Start a server on the Google Cloud Platform that supports the Google Tag Manager container

✓ Configure Google Analytics 4 tags, all events go to the server

✓ Support in the implementation of customized solutions, development support provided by our team

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