Support for the deployment of the WitCloud platform

We support you in implementing the WitCloud platform both in the initial stages and in building advanced and dedicated solutions.

Content of the service

  • Configuration of the project
  • Integration of data sources
  • Setting up predefined reports
  • Custom reports and visualizations
  • Intelligent product files
  • Predictions based on Machine Learning
The best solution

Fast action path

Configuration of the project

We help you set up your project in the Google Cloud and connect it to the WitCloud platform.

Integration of data sources

Based on your business information, we help you configure the integration of the data sources your company uses.

Predefined reports

We help you create reports that integrate data from multiple sources based on predefined modules

Demonstration meetings

After completion of the work, we meet with your team, present you with the reports and show you best practices for applying them in your daily work.

Other solutions

Custom reports

If you don’t find all the information relevant to your business in your reports, we can provide you with a dedicated Data Mart data source. We determine the requirements for such work individually, depending on business requirements.

Data visualization in Google Data Studio

All standard reports have a visualization template. If necessary, we can help you adapt the visualizations in the reports to your individual preferences.

Predictions based on Machine Learning

Use machine learning models to predict traffic/trade in your e-commerce. Use this information, e.g. when planning the quantity

Intelligent product files

Based on the data collected in the integrations, we create an intelligent product feed that allows you to optimize your spending by promoting the best-selling products, such as taking into account the availability of the most popular sizes.

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