Facebook Ads

Depending on your needs, we suggest an audit of the existing Facebook Ads campaign structure with recommendations for changing and expanding the structures. In the audit, we pay particular attention to the sales campaigns from the catalogue.

You will receive X hours of dedicated advice for your media team to optimize campaigns and best practices for advertising online shops.

If you wish, our specialists can first manage and optimize the new campaign structure. You decide what is the best form of collaboration for you.

Content of the service

  • Audit of the Facebook Ads advertising account
  • Recommendations for campaign optimization
  • Team instruction on the implementation and optimization of advertising campaigns in the context of a dedicated consultancy
  • Implementation and optimisation of advertising campaigns
The best solution

Fast action path

1. Identifying the needs

We understand your business goals and determine the most important success indicators.

2. Audit of the advertising account

If you already operate Facebook Ads, we will perform an audit of your accounts.

3. Recommendations

We’ll give you recommendations on how to change your campaign structure and maximize your results.

4. Preparation of the Campaign Structures

We will prepare the structure of the campaign. Your team will take an active part in the work and (with our support and on the basis of the teaching materials provided) to prepare some structures.

5.Campaign optimization and learning

We will teach your team how to optimize advertising for your business goals and monitor results.

6. Supervision of teamwork, support

Your team takes over the optimization measures and the expansion of your account step by step, we support you and support you in terms of content.

7. Preparation of the Campaign

Our experts implement the campaign structures for your advertising account.

8. Optimization

Measures to optimise structures are carried out within the defined number of working hours per month.

What do you get?

✓ Audit and recommendation file, after analyzing the results and settings of the campaign, we will provide a description of the recommended changes and suggestions for expanding/modifying the structure.

✓ Expert support from our experts, our experts give your media team best practices and campaign recommendations for online shops

✓ Take care of your advertising account, our specialists ensure that the results of your campaigns are maximized

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