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We specialize in Google Ads advertising in the industry

E-commerce, that’s for online shops. Over a period of more than 10 years, we have developed a methodology for working on campaigns and daily campaign analysis that we want to pass on to the client’s team. We try to balance the level of knowledge between us and the teams of our partners so that they can ultimately act independently.

This distinguishes us from other agencies, i.e. consulting and marketing support of in-house teams.

We work with sample models. Billing for specific working hours of the specialist on advertising accounts, so-called sprints. Budget-independent model recommended for larger campaign budgets. Campaign budget billing, i.e. a cheaper model for smaller advertising budgets. Individual billing model for the result of selected activities.

Content of the service

  • We provide you with an online course and you start learning first.
  • Online course with advice. You start your own business with the support of our team.
  • Comprehensive service where we work on your account for a while while educating the team on your e-commerce side.
  • We offer any mix of the above services, e.g. working hours for consulting, working hours for implementation by our team.
The best solution

Fast action path

1. Identifying the needs

We talk to you to understand your true goals and business and technology opportunities.
We find out what you want to measure with the data layer and then determine the scale of implementation and the price.

2. Education for your team

We provide you with online knowledge at very favourable rates, so you can start learning and coordinating between Witbee and your team right away.

3. Consultations

Based on the datalayer audit by our specification of the recomendhlenen changes to the website that are transmitted for your IT.

4. Technical implementation

The audit will show if everything is in order for auction marketing to work properly. In our experience, implementation repair generates higher sales, even if the marketer does not lift a finger. This phase is very important and crucial. In our course, we also point out critical technical elements, see Section 2.

5. Executive support

If necessary, we temporarily manage the account and implement our recommendations in close cooperation with your internal team. Sometimes this process has to be done at an early stage because our partner’s team has not yet been built up or we have just started learning.

6. Technology support

In the final phase, we present you with ready-made reports and offer training with ready-made analysis diagrams using Witcloud’s proprietary technology, as the work needs to be monitored in some way. The best way to do this is to use automation and ready-made diagrams that you can copy from our specialists.

What do you get?

✓ Online course with advice, training of your team

✓ Full service, we will work on your account until the training of the team is completed

✓ Prepared reports at the end of the project, get analysis schemas with Witcloud’s proprietary technology

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