# Facebook Ads To BigQuery

# Introduction

The module integrates with the Facebook Ads API to download data about advertising campaigns and save them in Google BigQuery.

# An example of operation

  1. You are configuring the Facebook Ads module.
  2. You are using the module to automatically combine costs with Google Analytics data.
  3. You run reports that show the cost attributed to products, even if they come from campaigns linking to categories.
  4. You optimize your campaigns based on the cost and sales effectiveness of your products.

# Configuration

# Before you start

Access to the Facebook Ads advertising account

NOTE to use this module, you must have access to the Facebook Ads advertising account.

# Start creating the module

From the menu on the left, select the Collect tab, then click the Add new Data Collect button.

image alt text

Choose Facebook from the list of available modules

image alt text

In the first step, we only have one field to fill.

Collect name - the name of our collector, e.g. "Facebook Collect"

image alt text

# Authorization with Facebook

The next step is authorization with Facebook. To do this, press the button and grant the required access to the application.

image alt text

After the authorization process is completed, a drop-down list will be displayed from which you need to select an authorized account.


If you have already completed the authorization process with Facebook and we do not need a greater range of accesses, authorization will not be required.

image alt text

When you select an account, another drop-down list will appear. This time, select the ad account from which you want to collect data for BigQuery. Press Finish to complete the collector creation process.

# Setting the module in the schedule

Your Facebook module is already created in WitCloud 📊. The last step is to establish a schedule and include our module in it. You can read about how to do it here link (opens new window).
To use the full potential of WitCloud, we recommend combining Facebook Ads costs with the Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360 collector.

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